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Owen-Sophia House of Delicacies is the first native desserts center in Tagaytay City, has been efficient in serving specialty Filipino kakanin since 2012 with two branches in Tagaytay.

It is born out of the family’s love for traditional homemade treats. In addition, we use only the best and fresh ingredients to follow company standards. Moreover, we make sure that our products are freshly cook everyday.

We Filipinos  have a strong connection to food.  By, tradition our ancestors  are very resourceful  in making different food made up of rice. Some of these are what we called now as kakanin. A kakanin is from the root word kanin (rice) which are the primary ingredient in making these delectable desserts. Kakanin have different varieties like biko, sapin-sapin, rice cake, kutchinta, maja blanca , puto and many more. That’s why we offer you this food for you to experience the taste of traditional delicacies by Filipinos only at Owen-Sophia House of Delicacie

Now, you can treat yourself and love ones and experience the taste of our native Filipino desserts only here at Owen-Sophia House of Delicacies. Please take a tour of our page. In this website, you can now be able to view all our featured products at gallery tab. In addition, all products have their own description to help you decide which product you prefer on our Shop page. You can choose from our wide variety of Kakanin in this category. Our prices are made affordable without sacrificing quality and taste. Shop now!