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Kakanin Delicacies

Filipino Delicacies kakanins depicts that we are known for the loved of rice. And, this is the main reason why we have “kakanin as one of our delicacies. With these, we have several variant for kakanins.  As such, Owen-Sophia is alert about what they can offer to clients. We use methodical and proven procedures to arrived delicious delicacies.

Filipino Delicacies kakanins at Owen-Sophia

The family started the business as passion then was able to share it to their clients. Hence, It opted to have methodical  and precise procedure because it always make  kakanins for  own consumption and sharing to families.

Then, in the long run of the operations are more organized and systematic to build a precise kakanin products.  The ingredients and procedures we discovered are based on their actual experience prior to having the business. Consequently, now the business is alert to serve us better with their precise and methodical procedures to a quality kakanins. We are efficient, organized in this field of kakanins business.  So, give it a try. Where to go in Tagaytay, dare to visit Owen-Sophia House of Delicacies.


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